Dr. Víctor Begara Medina

    Dr. Víctor Begara Medina
    Víctor nació y creció en Madrid y habla español, inglés y francés. Es un pionero en la realización del protocolo Digital Smile Design.
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    16/09/22 18:50

    In the latest survey from the Spanish General Dental Council (Consejo General de Dentistas) on Oral Health in Spain, it was revealed that 15% of the Spanish population suffers from odontophobia.

    08/09/21 16:03

    Whether you’re presenting an important client pitch or at a big family event where every guest will want to take pictures to capture the memories, being able to smile with confidence means everythingfalse

    28/07/21 19:59

    Here at Clinica Cloe, we are passionate about delivering a personalized smile for each patient, that considers not only your dental concerns but also your unique face shape, teeth, lips, gums, andfalse


    30/06/21 15:55

    The end of wearing outdoor face masks in Spain is coming and some people are thinking about how to improve their smiles. A healthy and beautiful smile creates many opportunities for us bothfalse


    25/06/21 18:41

    Our smile is our best "card" since it is a great communication tool with those we surround ourselves with. A perfect smile or a beautiful smile communicates self-confidence, empathy, energy,false

    13/04/21 18:39

    Though having a missing tooth or gap in your smile may seem like just a small thing, it can have a big effect on self-confidence as well as your health. When you feel as though you must hide yourfalse