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    Esthetic Gum Remodeling

    Esthetic gum remodeling is a cosmetic treatment that can alter the shape of your gum line and correct an excess or a lack of gingival tissue.

    This can be done for esthetic reasons, such as to show more of a tooth to improve its appearance or cover up a tooth when the gum has receded, or for health reasons, such as lengthening the tooth to improve the success of a crown and avoid the tooth being removed.

    In an esthetic gum remodeling procedure, you will have a local anesthetic to make sure you can’t feel anything.

    If you are particularly anxious, you can also choose to have sedation. Your dentist will then alter your gums before placing stitches. We will normally remove these for you around 1-2 weeks later.

    What are the benefits of esthetic gum remodeling?

    Esthetic gum remodeling is a solution to improve the look of your teeth and gums.

    It can be used to lengthen or shorten teeth.

    It is a long-lasting way to enhance your smile which won’t need continuous extra work.

    It improves the success of procedures which help you keep your natural teeth.

    It produces natural-looking results.

    A close-up of a woman's beautiful smile
    A young man shows off his beautiful smile

    Why choose Clinica Cloe for esthetic gum remodeling?

    We are highly experienced in delivering esthetic procedures, with the skills needed to give you the best cosmetic results. We are also a Digital Smile Design Clinic and are equipped with the latest dental technology to accurately plan treatment digitally and then precisely carry out this planning. We use 3D-printed guides which are custom-made for the specific treatment and patient.

    We have digital anesthesia to numb the specific areas of your mouth in a pain-free way, and if you feel anxious, we can deliver conscious sedation to make you more relaxed.