Why CLOE for DSD?

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    The reception area at Clinica Cloe in Madrid
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    We're the only DSD Clinic in Madrid

    We’re part of an exclusive network of clinics that are certified in delivering Digital Smile Design to a very high standard. We are constantly training to continue offering you the best treatment and a unique experience.

    Dentist Dr Victor Begara wears protective clothing ready to deliver dental treatment at Clinica Cloe
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    We are skilled in DSD techniques

    We are a team of highly experienced, skilled and qualified dentists who specialize in different areas of dentistry. We work hard to stay at the forefront of new developments and improve our knowledge. We are also experienced in delivering Digital Smile Design for our patients.

    A person holds a tablet and looks at the design of their new smile on screen using an app
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    We have the latest technology

    With our specialist dental technology, you get treatment that is predictable and comfortable. We use a hand-held intraoral scanner to quickly and easily scan your teeth, digital software to plan your treatment and 3D-printing for smile mock-ups and surgical guides.

    A patient sits back in a dental chair as dentist Dr Victor Begara shows him his new smile on screen.
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    We make you a smile designer

    With Digital Smile Design at Clinica Cloe, you don’t just wait for results – you take part in the design process! Your dentist shows you a preview of your new smile and you work with them to make the changes you want. You even get to ‘try on’ your smile before treatment begins!

    A close-up of a young woman smiling and showing her beautiful, natural-looking teeth.
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    We give you natural-looking results

    We replicate the color, shape, texture and feel of real teeth – so you are guaranteed a new smile that looks and feels beautifully natural. No more worrying about having fake-looking teeth!

    A dental chair surrounded by a sink, a screen and cupboards in a treatment room at Clinica Cloe
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    We make you our priority

    Getting a new smile is a life-changing experience... and we make sure that you enjoy the journey! Our comfortable, minimalist office is designed to provide a peaceful atmosphere and our facilities and technology make your experience comfortable. Our friendly staff also take care of your every need.