Pediatric Dentistry

    Why is Cloe the only choice for kids’ dentistry in Madrid?

    We welcome children of all ages – from toddlers to teenagers, we’re passionate about caring for your children’s teeth.


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    A young boy smiles as he learns about teeth using a model in a dental treatment room

    Pediatric Dentistry is dental treatment for children from birth through adolescence. It focuses on disease causality, establishing good habits and preventing tooth decay in order to ensure good future oral health.

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    At Cloe, we have a specialist pediatric dentist – Dr. Mya Choufani, DDS, holds a Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry from the OSTEOPLAC Center and is experienced in working with children of all ages. She takes care of their teeth and oral health and helps them to feel comfortable about their visits to the dentist.

    A young boy sits in a dental chair and smiles as the dentist checks his teeth

    We understand the importance of establishing a good daily oral hygiene routine and visiting the dentist to ensure your child’s oral health into adulthood. That’s why we advise bringing them in to see us every six months so that we can supervise their oral health and catch any issues early.

    How do we take care of your kids' teeth?

    We help them build healthy habits in an environment that makes them comfortable.  

    We can help with toothache and dental emergencies

    We provide dental sealants and fluoride treatment

    We monitor any orthodontic needs

    We make dentistry fun for children!

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