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    Conscious sedation

    Do you get anxious before attending a dental appointment? Does being nervous make you avoid dental check-ups or getting the treatment you need?

    Conscious sedation is an option that is available for patients who experience a high level of anxiety or worry at the thought of a dental appointment. It is normally very useful for long appointments but it can also be used at a patient’s request, as long as their medical history doesn't prevent it. Having sedation can make you feel more relaxed throughout your treatment.

    With conscious sedation, you are still awake during your treatment but you will feel more relaxed.

    We do intravenous sedation which is provided by a trained and certified anesthesiologist, and we make sure that you are safe, relaxed and comfortable throughout your treatment. 


    What are the benefits of conscious sedation?

    Conscious sedation takes away those uncomfortable feelings of anxiety you may experience during treatment, making you feel more relaxed.

    Conscious sedation is safe and delivered by experienced professionals.

    Knowing that you will feel relaxed during treatment means that there is no need to postpone dental treatment due to fear.

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    Why choose Clinica Cloe for conscious sedation?

    At Clinica Cloe, your sedation will be delivered by experienced professionals who will make sure you are comfortable throughout your treatment; we have a specialist licence for sedation in our dental office. Our clinic is also a calming and relaxing environment that will put you at ease from the minute you step in the door, while our friendly team is there to answer any questions you might have.

    We are also equipped with the latest technology to make your treatment even more precise and comfortable.