Dental Implants

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    Have you lost some of your teeth as a result of an accident or tooth decay?

    There’s no need to put up with gaps in your smile: dental implants are a quick and effective solution to replace your missing teeth and close gaps in your jaw. They are also proven to work: the success rate of dental implants is around 95% in ten years.

    A dental implant is made up of two parts:

    The first part is a very small metal post which, through a surgical procedure, is placed in your jaw where your tooth used to be. This area is the given time to heal and the sorrounding bone will mesh with the implant to firmly fix it in place. After this, we securely anchor a crown, bridge, or denture on top of it to give you a result which looks and feels like a natural tooth, or several natural teeth. Dental implants are permanent way to replace your teeth which gives you a natural-looking smile. They also function like normal teeth, so you are free to eat the foods you want with no need to worry.

    What are the benefits of dental implants?

    We use advanced scanning technology to place the implant in the ideal place in your jaw.

    Implants replace your teeth to give you back a natural-looking smile.

    Implants are strong, sturdy, and function like normal teeth, allowing you to eat the foods you love.

    Filling the gaps in your smile prevents bone loss in your jaw which can occur in the sites where teeth are missing.

    They don’t harm your natural teeth.

    They help restore your quality of life.