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    Be surprised by Lite Dentistry

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    Thanks to Lite Dentistry, there’s nothing standing in the way of your new, more confident smile! It’s quick, affordable, and easier than you ever thought possible.

    What is Lite Dentistry?

    We offer this straightforward solution to patients who are looking to improve the appearance of their teeth. Depending on your needs, we combine a number of simple dental treatments to make a dramatic difference to your smile. There is no need for complex treatment, lengthy appointments or a huge investment in time or money – Lite Dentistry is a quick and easy way to get a smile you’ll love.

    Here are some of the changes that Lite Dentistry can make to your teeth:

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    Make them straighter and more aligned

    A yellow icon of a tooth inside a box being resized.

    Rebalance their size and shape

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    Make them lighter and brighter

    A yellow icon of a tooth with horizontal and vertical arrows indicating increasing the length and width.

    Increase their length

    What’s stopping you from investing in yourself and your smile?

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    I don’t have time to go to the dentist

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    It might make my teeth look fake

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    I’m worried that treatment will be painful

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    I don’t want to change my lifestyle

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    It will be too expensive

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    With Lite Dentistry, there's no need to worry.

    We’d love to show you how easy it can be to get the smile of your dreams.

    How we deliver your dream smile...

    As a certified DSD Clinic, we are highly skilled in working with Digital Smile Design to deliver the best results and experience for our patients.

    We use specialist software to design your new smile to suit your facial features and even let you preview it before we start your treatment.

    We also have plenty of experience in smile makeovers. This means that we work with you to address the specific areas of your teeth you’d like to fix, giving you renewed confidence in your smile.

    A young woman looks surprised as she shows her teeth in a big smile, holding her hand against her cheek.

    An easy way to get a smile you’ll love

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    Lite Dentistry

    In the past, the cost and length of dental treatment has sometimes been a barrier to patients who would love to get a new smile. It might also mean that you would have only straightened your teeth OR improved their shape or color. But why choose? With Lite Dentistry, you can get a smile you’ll love.

    A close-up of a mouth as a person fits their clear aligner over their top row of teeth.

    How does it work?

    First, we straighten your teeth and fix any small issues like minor overcrowding or gaps. We do this with Invisalign, which uses clear aligner trays to move your teeth comfortably and safely into the new position planned digitally by your dentist.

    They are almost invisible, so much more discreet than braces, and removable, so you can take them out to eat and brush your teeth.

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    The finishing touches

    Then, we make some alterations to the shape, size and color of your teeth. You can have teeth whitening to make them brighter or gum contouring to change the look of your gum line.

    We also do composite bonding, where we use a mould to apply tooth-colored composite material over the top of your teeth and alter their shape, size or color. These last few touches are quick and easy, and will make a huge difference to your confidence.

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    A close-up of two clear aligners

    1. It’s comfortable

    Unlike other traditional cosmetic dentistry treatments, Lite Dentistry uses procedures which are comfortable and minimally invasive. This means pain-free treatment that leaves your existing tooth structure intact. 

    A close-up of two clear aligners
    A close-up of a woman smiling as she points at her upper teeth.
    It’s quick
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    The confidence to get started

    We only want to give you good surprises on the way to your new smile! That’s why, before you even begin your treatment, we’ll show you a preview of what you’ll look like with the alterations made to your teeth.

    This is our ‘smile test drive’, which lets you experience the end result of your smile transformation, at the start.

    A young man smiling and showing his teeth before Digital Smile Design dental treatment A young man smiling and showing his teeth after Digital Smile Design dental treatment