A woman smiles confidently after having Digital Smile Design dental treatment.

    Test Drive
    Your Smile

    How would you like a glimpse of your future self and your new confident smile – before you even say ‘yes’ to treatment? At Clinica Cloe, you can ‘test drive’ your smile. Here’s how it works...


    A smile that’s customized for you

    We take your unique facial features into account when we design your new smile, making sure that it’s in harmony with your teeth, gums, lips, and the rest of your face. The result? A smile that looks and feels natural and is totally personalized for you.


    A close-up of a smile with vertical and curved horizontal lines showing how the smile design is created to be in harmony with facial features.


    See your new smile

    We use advanced software to show you a simulation of how your new smile will look. This way, you know what you’re getting and can have the confidence you need to go ahead with your treatment. 


    A person holds a tablet and looks at the design of their new smile on screen using an app.


    Test drive your smile

    Then, we go one step further. Using 3D-printing technology, we print a mock-up of your new smile which you can try on. This smile ‘test drive’ lets you see and experience your new smile - before treatment even begins!


    A close-up of a young woman smiling confidently with her Digital Smile Design smile.

    Experience the test drive...


    Experience Digital Smile Design...

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