An overhead screen in a treatment room shows dental x-rays.

    Your First
    Dental Visit


    When you arrive for your first appointment at Clinica Cloe, our friendly receptionist will greet you and ask for your name.

    They will also offer you a coffee and give you some paperwork to fill out on an iPad while you take a seat in our comfortable waiting room.


    A plant with pink flowers next to a glass door which says Cloe inside Clinica Cloe.


    Then, when we’re ready, a member of our dental team will come and call out your name.

    You’ll sit with our hygienist who will review your medical history and take any x-rays needed.


    The waiting area at Clinica Cloe with two sofas, a chair and plants.


    After this, you’ll meet your dentist.

    They will take a look at your x-rays and have a chat with you about your dental and medical history as well as any issues you are having with your teeth. We’ll take notes while we’re talking and your dentist might use an iPad to give you a preview of your new smile and the treatment they advise to help you.


    Dentist Dr Víctor Begara sits at a table with a patient and shows him his treatment plan on a laptop.


    When we have answered all your questions, we can then look at a bespoke treatment plan that will achieve the results that you would like to see.

    We can also have a look at payment options. After this initial consultation, you can make your follow-up appointment in person at reception or get in contact with us later online or by phone.


    A woman sits in a dental chair next to an overhead screen showing a dental x-ray and turns to give a thumbs-up gesture to the camera.