Payment Options

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    Your Payment Options

    In most cases, treatment is paid for as it is delivered. 

    If your treatment needs the assistance of a laboratory, you will pay 50% of the total amount before the case is sent to the laboratory and the remaining 50% on the day your treatment is delivered and finished.

    Get a 5% discount on the cost of treatment

    Get a 5% discount on the cost of the treatment by making an upfront payment for the entire cost of your treatment.

    Financing options

    We understand that it may not be possible to pay for your treatment immediately, so we offer a range of payment plan options to allow you to make comfortable monthly instalments. If the treatment cost is high, Cloe, in partnership with financial institutions, can provide you with the following three payment options:

    1. Financing with 6 months interest free.
    2. A down payment amounting to 40% of the original cost and the remaining amount up to 12 months interest free.
    3. Financing anywhere from three to forty-eight months.

    We accept health insurance

    We accept all the Open Network Health Insurances with Reimbursement

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    What are the advantages of financing?

    You make recurring payments from the account of your choice.

    You choose the monthly payment and modify it as many times as you want, for free.

    The financing amount ranges from 1,200 euros to 21,000 euros.

    Choose and change the day on which payment will be withdrawn from your account.

    No trips to the bank: the paperwork is filled out right from the comfort of Clinica Cloe.

    Little documentation required.

    It’s a quick process. The transaction is completed with the bank of your choice in less than five minutes and your treatment can begin.

    Protection insurances are also included to make your transaction as safe as possible.