6 tips on how to find a good cosmetic dentist in Madrid

    By Dr. Víctor Begara Medina on 28/07/21 19:59
    Dr. Víctor Begara Medina
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    Here at Clinica Cloe, we are passionate about delivering a personalized smile for each patient, that considers not only your dental concerns but also your unique face shape, teeth, lips, gums, and even your personality. We use Digital Smile Design, an innovative smile design tool that enables us to design your new smile in proportion to your face. What’s more, you can preview the result before you commit to treatment, thanks to the advanced digital software. We can even print out a 3D model that is fitted over your teeth so you can see and feel your new smile before any treatment has started. This is known as a test-drive experience as is like trying out a car before you decide to buy it.

    Finding a good cosmetic dentist can be a tricky undertaking. On the one hand, there are more cosmetic dentists in Madrid than ever before, even general dentists offer some cosmetic procedures as well. But on the other hand, not all cosmetic dentists are equal - how do you find a good cosmetic dentist? Here are our top tips for choosing your cosmetic dentist in Madrid.

    1. Ask your cosmetic dentist about their skill and experience in delivering smile design

    Choosing a dentist that you trust to deliver the smile of your dreams can be a huge decision. As dentists, we understand that patients like to know about our skills, training, and experience and any good cosmetic dentist in Madrid should make this information readily available. Here at Clinica Cloe, we are proud to have a team of highly experienced dentists and dental professionals to work with patients to achieve their perfect smiles. Our website has a profile dedicated to each staff member, that highlights our skills, training experience, and academic achievements. Get to know more about our doctors here. We are also the only Digital Smile Design clinic in Madrid, a recognition of our accomplishments in using this innovative technology to deliver smiles in Madrid.

    1. Make sure your cosmetic dentist delivers natural restorations

    Cosmetic dentistry has historically been about a dentist being skilled in ceramic work, for example, veneers, and being able to take a patient’s desires and turn them into a smile design. Any lack of communication between the patient, dentist, and the dental laboratory technician in this process could lead to an unnatural-looking restoration - in other words, a smile that looks artificial.

    The good news is that cosmetic dentists using digital dentistry can now offer natural restorations - smiles with a lot of form and texture, mimicking natural teeth. It’s important that when you are choosing a dentist in Madrid that you choose a dentist who can deliver a natural restoration, to get the most attractive result for your unique features. Here at Clinica Cloe, we use Digital Smile Design to plan and deliver natural restorations for every patient.

    1. Look at examples of previous smile makeover cases

    Good cosmetic dentists understand that patients like to see previous cases to be able to make a decision about their own smile. If you are considering veneers to correct chipped, broken, or heavily stained teeth, it can be challenging to make a decision if you have never seen a smile with veneers. At Clinica Cloe, we are able to show patients examples of similar cases and actually find this useful in the initial consultation to be able to determine the best course of cosmetic treatment, depending on the result you would like to achieve.

    1. Ask about the technology that the dental clinic uses

    The technology used in dentistry is constantly improving, making everything from treatment planning to procedures quicker and more accurate. It’s important, when choosing a cosmetic dentist, to know what dental technology the clinic has invested in and how this can be used to deliver your perfect smile. Here at Clinica Cloe, we have a suite of specialist equipment that we use to perform the best quality and most accurate dentistry procedures. We use an intraoral scanner to take detailed pictures from inside the mouth of each of your teeth at the initial appointment. This hand-held scanner is quick and free of radiation and avoids the use of awkward and unpopular impression molds.

    All the cases that we work on are reviewed by a team of dental experts at a central planning center, where we can also order a 3D model of your new smile. When it comes to treatment, we have specialist sedation and anesthesia equipment to help patients that are nervous feel more comfortable.

    1. Ask your cosmetic dentist to show you how your smile will look

    One of the benefits of choosing a cosmetic dentist who uses Digital Smile Design is the ability to preview your new smile, and the option to test drive the result in your mouth - all before you commit to treatment. At Clinica Cloe, we use Digital Smile Design on an iPad to create a 2D preview of your smile design. You can see how the result will look on your unique face, taking into account your features and personality. We can also create a 3D mock-up, using a 3D printer to create a mold that is placed into the mouth. This is a way to feel and see your smile in your mouth and decide if it is the right choice for your smile design. We can make changes to the design to ensure you will get your perfect result before we begin treatment. This means when you complete treatment there will be no unexpected surprises, just the smile you co-designed with your DSD Dentist.

    1. Choose a cosmetic dentist who has experience in Digital Smile Design

    Becoming a Digital Smile Design dentist is a robust process and a sign of quality and skill. At Clinica Cloe, we first completed a course on Digital Smile Design in 2013. We then went on to complete several additional DSD training days to develop our skills and experience as a provider of Digital Smile Design in Madrid. This led to us becoming a DSD clinic. This means that we are certified as a clinic that actually implemented DSD to a very high standard. We are constantly attending training courses to stay up to date with the advances in the DSD Concept, so we can offer the very best to our patients.

    At Clinica Cloe, we no longer plan cosmetic dental treatment in the mouth. We don't do anything without Digital Smile Design. It is something we have made mandatory because it is a system that actually works. Without it, it’s like driving without lights on at night. I might get home, but I'm safer if I turn on the lights.

    Do not hesitate and take a big step, we guarantee that with a natural and beautiful smile you will regain your confidence and feel more self-confident, in addition to improving your quality of life and well-being. We help you achieve a better version of yourself.

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