13/04/21 18:39

    Though having a missing tooth or gap in your smile may seem like just a small thing, it can have a big effect on self-confidence as well as your health. When you feel as though you must hide yourfalse

    09/04/21 18:22

    A study was published recently in the "Journal of Clinical Periodontology", that reveals the relation between periodontitis and Covid-19. This study was made between March and July 2020 and explainsfalse

    25/03/21 15:46

    There is no doubting that our teeth play an important role in how happy we are with our appearance, which can then have a direct effect on our sense of wellbeing. Being overly conscious of what wefalse

    30/11/20 09:51

    Honest views and thorough insight to help you successfully navigate through your move to Madrid Dentistry in Madrid: American-style I like my teeth. I’m especially reminded of that here where goodfalse

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    Here at Clinica Cloe, we are proud of the unique and welcoming dental clinic we have created in Madrid. We offer the very best in patient care as well as the latest dental treatments andfalse