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What makes Clinica Cloe different?

Our passionate, dedicated team


For VIP treatment in an environment that makes you feel at home.

  • Your experience is our priority
  • We speak four languages
  • Friendly, welcoming staff

Our state-of-the-art clinic

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Comfortable, relaxed and beautiful without that “clinic” feel.

  • Advanced dental technology 
  • Comfortable waiting area
  • Calm and clutter-free treatment rooms

Our high quality treatments

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For every dental specialty, we have a specialist on our team. 

  • Multidisciplinary clinic
  • Highly experienced team members
  • Quick and pain-free treatment

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Digital Smile Design

We are a certified Digital Smile Design Clinic, one of the select number of clinics across the world who are recognized for their qualifications and experience in delivering these innovative concepts. With Digital Smile Design, we give you a natural, confident smile that is in harmony with your unique facial features... and let you try it before treatment even begins!

Clinic Cloe - Digital Smile Design
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Try Lite Dentistry

At Clinica Cloe, getting your brand new, confident smile doesn’t have to be complex or time-consuming. We combine a number of quick and straightforward dental treatments to give you a smile that you’ll love. 

This is Lite Dentistry – it’s quick, easy, effective… and affordable! 


"I am delighted with the Cloe clinic, they are great professionals, the treatment is unbeatable and they do a great job. A million thanks !!!"

Victor Ullate

"Clinica Cloe is an amazing place. Great service and very nice people!"

Rob Brown

"Unbeatable service! The personalized attention, the time dedicated with an attention to detail incredible tooth to tooth and the care when it comes to performing the deep cleaning impressive. He also had a gingivitis diagnosed in other centers as serious and that required a gum scraping. Thanks to the excellent work of my dentist at the Cloe Clinic with a deep and painless oral cleaning and some lessons about my brushing technique my gums are perfectly and I never bleed anymore. Simply a 10!"

Pedro de la Cerda

"Very good attention, attentive and very professional staff. My treatment was complex and I am very happy with the result. They were also my young children and treated them with love and are very attentive to them, giving them gifts and putting cartoons to entertain them."

Vicente Álvarez

"I went to the clinic on recommendation and it has exceeded all my expectations. I have been attended by several doctors, each in a specialty and all very professional. The attention and delicacy with which they serve me make me feel comfortable at all times. Of course I will keep going to my cleaning reviews and appointments."

Laura García

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