Repairing the world’s largest tooth

by / Monday, 17 June 2013 / Published in In the press

Hundreds of locals were involved in the repair of the world’s largest tooth.

  • The tooth sculpture measuring seven meters, was displayed in the Plaza de Callao this past weekend. This tooth holds the record height, while the second biggest tooth is located in New Jersey, USA.
  • The action of Sensodyne Repair & Protect wants to raise awareness about the importance of dental health as it also wanted to point out that half of the population does not go to the dentist.

Madrid, April 2012. – Sensodyne toothpaste Brand installed this weekend the world’s largest in the Plaza de Callao in Madrid. Hundreds of locals participated in the initiative which aims to raise awareness about the need to monitor your dental health. This also drew particular attention to the problem of teeth sensitivity which affects a third of the Spanish population. The giant Sensodyne tooth has lots of little holes that simulate the points exposed to tooth sensitivity. Citizens have these armed holes filled with huge tubes of toothpaste and aided by some big steps …

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