Payment Options





Choose the option that suits you best. Today, it is possible to pay your dental treatment in comfortable monthly instalments. If the treatment cost is high, Cloe, in partnership with financial institutions, can provide you with following three forms of payment options.

  • Financing with 6 months interest-FREE.
  • A down payment amounting to 40% of the original cost and the rest up to 12 months interest-FREE.
  • Financing anywhere from three to forty-eight months.


Financing Advantages

  • Recurring payments from the account of your choice.
  • You can choose the monthly payment and modify it as many times as you want, for free, with just one phone call.
  • Financing amount ranges from only 1,200 euros to a maximum of 21,000 Euros.
  • Flexibility to chose and modify on which day the payment should be withdrawn from your account.
  • NO TRIPS to any bank is needed as all the paperwork with your personal information is filled out right from the comfort of Clínica Cloe.
  • Little documentation is required for the processing of these transactions.
  • Maximum speed. In less than five minutes the transaction is completed with the bank of your choice and your treatment can begin.
  • Protection Insurances are also included in order to make your transaction as safe as possible.


Prompt or Bulk Payment

When paying the treatment cost in its entirety or at least 2000 Euros of it upfront, you will then be able to benefit from a 5% discount on the Entire Treatment Cost.



Normally, the treatments are paid for as they are rendered. Only in the case where the treatment requires the assistance of a laboratory, it will be asked of you to pay 50% of the total amount before sending the case to the laboratory and the other 50% on the day case is inserted and finished.