Juegaterapia, Video Game Console Donations

by / Tuesday, 18 June 2013 / Published in Philanthopy



Cloe, is currently donating on a monthly basis a certain percentage off the cost of EACH treatment rendered in the office that month. Additionally, we are proud to donate video game consoles given to us by our patients.

Juegaterapia started as all good ideas are born. Monica gave her PlayStation, no longer in use, to a child suffering from cancer. The boy smiles for hours and is able to spread all his illusion to those surrounding him at the time. From then on, the snowball grew and grew with NO limits, and Monica’s “good deed for the day” became a successful project.

  • The Association Juegaterapia collects all types of consoles that work perfectly and are in good condition. Also, video games for kids under 18 years of age are welcome.
  • Then these consoles and games are donated to all area hospitals with pediatric cancer units. This was thought of in order to make the waiting time during chemotherapy treatments go by as quickly as possible.
  • Each console has a sticker with the donor name and information so that when it reaches its recipient, the child can thank them with a call, a message, a picture, etc …
  • And in the end, the children will have to continue to fight the “bug” as they call it, but it can be with a SMILE, as everything will be better and more enjoyable.

Juegaterapia’s official website: www.juegaterapia.org

Collaborators: www.juegaterapia.org/colaboradores.php