EMS Celebrates Second Course on Periodontics, Madrid

by / Tuesday, 18 June 2013 / Published in In the press

EMS, celebrates its second course on periodontics in Madrid


The Spanish delegation EMS (Electro Medical Systems Spain) held through the Swiss Dental Academy, a theoretical-practical periodontics course on the 12th of June in Madrid. This is the second time this course was developed in the Spanish capital after its release last April. The training is in line with other similar educational activities that the Swiss Academy also develops in different European, Asian and American cities.
This time, the course was sponsored by Henry Schein with the cooperation of Clínica Cloe offering its facilities. Within the training program the following themes were presented: instrumentation with ultrasonic equipment, the operation of Air-Flow and Perio-Flow; specific instrument use to reach deep periodontal pockets; the cleaning of trifurcations; periodontal disease and its treatment; clinical studies and the concept of prophylaxis. In addition, practical sessions were also conducted.

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